Prof. Robert Temple - Author of The Sphinx Mystery
15 November


Robert will be speaking at this Megalithomania event at Steiner House, London NW1.

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18 June 2009

8pm GMT


Interview with Patricia Cori host of the webradio program, Beyond the Matrix
on ( 12-13:00 PST)
6 June


Broadcast of web radio interview with William Kennedy of Sphinx Radio in Massachusetts

1 June


Robert is 'Author of the Month' on Graham Hancock's website. Click the link to read more.
29 May 2009


Interview with the Kala Talk Radio show (US).
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27 May 2009


Recording of radio interview for Revelations Radio with William Henry. Broadcast date to be announced soon...
23-24 May 2009


Robert and Olivia will be speaking at the Megalithomania 2009 conference in Glastonbury. The Megalithomania web site can be found at for further information and advance tickets.

JOHN MICHELL (1933-2009)
John Michell the expert on ancient knowledge and pioneer of the New Age died in Apri 2009 and is buried in a Dorset country churchyard.
Click here to read the obituary from the Independen (PDF 700KB).
23 May


Book-signing at Gothic Image Book Shop, High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset.
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22 May


Live interview with Ross Hemsworth of Glastonbury Radio 9-10 p.m

16 May


A pre-recorded interview with William Kennedy of Sphinx Radio in Massachusetts will be online soon on

7 May

Gardiner's Question Time Show

Interview for Gardiner's Question Time Show, Sky channel 200 (Edge Media TV). Broadcast date to be announced soon...

20 April 2009

UK Publication of The Sphinx Mystery

Distributed by
17 April 2009


Robert will be giving a live interview on Liverpool's City Talk Radio (105.9FM) on the Zone Unknown show with Roy Basnett.
5 March 2009


Recording of an interview with the Rob McConnel on The 'X' Zone Radio
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Robert and Olivia Temple's new book published by Inner Traditions.
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18th January 2009


Recording of an interview with Walter Cruttenden on The Cosmic Influence web radio programme - details of the interviews release to be on his website
Jan 2009 New Dawn Magazine : The Sphinx Mystery


'What Was The Sphinx?' article by Robert Temple published as the cover story in the January -February 2009 edition of New Dawn magazine.

Click here to download article as a PDF [3.1MB]
26 April 2008

Centenary Conference for Cecil Collins

Robert was one of the speakers. Click here to see some information about the conference (PDF, 0.4MB)
9 October 2007

Phantom of the Opera 21st Anniversary

Attended the 21st Anniversary performance of Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, followed by a party to celebrate the occasion.
October 2007

Trip to Transylvania, Romania

14 September 2007

Trip to PAris

27 September 2007

Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco

Attended the opening night at the Royal Court Theatre of Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros. Our Foundation sponsored the after-show party.
1-4 June 2007

Eranos Foundation, Ascona, Switzerland

Olivia and I once more attended the meeting of the Eranos Foundation in Ascona, Switzerland.

For photos of the event click here or visit eranos website (click on the photo gallery link):

19-20 May 2007 Click to see the Megalithomania flyer and press release


The MEGALITHOMANIA Annual Conference took place on May 19th and 20th 2007, in Glastonbury. Robert spoke about his book THE CRYSTAL SUN and the uses of lenses in ancient times. Other keynote speakers were Keith Critchlow and John Michell.

Click on the image to see a larger version of the Megalithomania flyer and the press release (PDF, 1MB)

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February 2007

The Genius of ChinA

A new and expanded edition of this book was published by André Deutsch.
Autumn 2006

Korean National Television

Interview with Korean National Television for a series to be broadcast in 2007 about Confucianism in East Asia. Robert personally raised the funding for the revival of the annual Imperial Ceremony to celebrate the birthday of Confucius (September 29) at the 700 year-old Confucius Temple (Kong Miao) in Beijing. It is a ceremony involving more than 120 people in ancient costumes, singing ancient songs and doing ancient dances. Robert once took part in the ceremony, wearing the costume of a fifth-degree Mandarin. A special chimestone made of jade and donated to the Temple by the Emperor Kangxi himself on one of his visits to the temple was struck during the ceremony, adding its unique sound during the musical intervals.

Photos from the Imperial Ceremony that I took part in can be seen here.

5-8 September 2006

Cosmic Dust & Panspermia conference

Robert took part in an international conference on Cosmic Dust and Panspermia at the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, University of Cardiff, Wales. (‘Panspermia’ is the traditional name for the theory that life spreads from world to world, whether as small particles of the building blocks of life, or of viruses, or even bacteria. These particles are often suggested today as being found in enormous quantities in the cosmic dust which occurs in vast clouds throughout space, all over the Universe, and of being transported throughout galaxies on the interstellar ‘winds’ over long aeons, and of being spread throughout the many solar systems by the solar winds and trailed along in the tails of comets, with the viruses seething and mutating in the icy comet heads, spilling out and filtering down through the atmospheres of planets and ‘seeding’ life as the comets pass near the planets).

On Thursday September 7th, Robert delivered a paper entitled ‘The Prehistory of Panspermia: Astrophysical or Metaphysical?’ (To read the paper please click on the link below). He was also a panel participant discussing ‘The Societal Impact of the Discovery of Alien Life’.

The conference marked the academic retirement of Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, one of the world’s leading experts on interstellar dust, cometary nuclei, and the diffusion of life by means of cometary orbits. Numerous astrophysicists and radioastronomers participated, and the proceedings were published in The International Journal of Astrobiology. At the conference, Robert announced his discovery of the manuscript of a lost ancient (apparently pre-4th century BC) Chinese treatise on comets, and showed projections of all of the images of the comets as portrayed in the manuscript. The text of the Chinese work has not yet been translated, but Robert gave brief descriptions of the different types of comets described, and of the dire prognostications of war, revolution, or disease predicted for each type. He also discussed the ‘spermata’ of light diffused throughout the Universe by the Holy Spirit as conceived of by the earliest Christians, known as Gnostics, and explained how they were the ultimate metaphysical panspermia hypothesis, although … and here is the dilemma … they were also viewed as real, not as merely metaphysical: so where does reality end and the imagination begin in such a field of investigation as panspermia theories of ancient times?

You can read Robert's paper ‘The Prehistory of Panspermia: Astrophysical or Metaphysical?’
[PDF, 2.9MB]

Photos from the conference can be seen here

Autumn 2006

Phantom in Hong Kong

The Phantom of the Opera was shown at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Kowloon, up until August 20th, 2006
24 June 2006

Phantom opening in Las Vegas

Robert, Olivia and Michael Lee (studio archivist) attended the gala opening of The Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas.
15-19 June 2006

Eranos Foundation, Ascona, Switzerland

Robert talking to Ximena Di Angulo, who was a friend of Carl Jung, and attended the Eranos meetings from the 1940s onwards. Olivia is in the background.

Olivia and Robert were two of the group of 18 people who formulated the future policy and direction for the revived ERANOS FOUNDATION at Ascona, Switzerland. They were invited to join the Council. The Eranos conferences, famous as the annual August seminars of the psychologist Carl Jung and his circle of intellectual friends for many decades, have been revived by the East-West Foundation chaired by John van Praag. The original villas are being refurbished, and both the town and the Canton (Swiss province) are involved in this major cultural initiative in Switzerland, which will deal with both Eastern and Western cultures. Ascona, on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore, has been a unique centre of original artistic endeavour and creative thinking for more than one hundred years.

On Sunday June 18, Robert delivered an hour-long address ‘Eranos: Past and Future’ to a public audience at Ascona, recalling the glories of the old Eranos, and discussing the future activities of the Eranos Foundation. He stressed that while retaining continuity with the past, such as studies of Gnosticism and Eastern religions, the Foundation will now also consider more modern issues including cyber-culture subjects and the maintaining of individual freedoms for thought, reflection, and action in societies which are becoming increasingly monitored and controlled, and where identity theft and IT-based fraud threatens the integrity of culture, and where mass-manipulation and mind control have put the very existence of individual identity under threat. Whereas in the past Eranos meetings, where Carl Jung and his friends could discuss such subjects as ‘the individual and the cosmos’, the greater urgency now would seem to be the consideration of ‘the individual at all, - how do we keep him and can he survive?'

For photos of the event click here or visit eranos website (click on the photo gallery link):

May 2006

Television Interview

Robert was interviewed for a 90-minute television documentary about the nature of consciousness. The other participants include former astronaut Ed Mitchell, Dr. Harold Puthoff, Dr. Russell Targ, Uri Geller, and Colin Wilson.
6-10 April 2006

International Conference on Archaeoastronomy

Robert gave a talk on Optical Technology in the Ancient Mediterranean World in Rhodes, Greece.

Painted fragment of 5 th/4th c. BC Greek pot from shrine of the Nymphs, Acropolis Athens, shown at the Acropolis Museum, room V, case 6, object no NA 55.Aa. Photo by R.Temple taken through a crystal lens.

April 2006

Chinese edition of The Crystal Sun

The Crystal Sun published in Chinese.
Spring 2006
Oracles of the Dead American Edition


The revised and updated American edition of Netherworld is now available - published by Inner Traditions International - under the new title Oracles of the Dead.

Oracles of the Dead has been reviewed in New Dawn magazine. Click here to read the review:
Oracles of the Dead review: New Dawn, Jan-Feb 2006
[PDF, 2.1MB]

January 2006

Phantom Of The Opera Masked Ball

Robert and Olivia attended a Masked Ball ('at the invitation of the Phantom') held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel ballroom in New York City to celebrate The Phantom Of The Opera becoming the longest running musical in the history of the Broadway theatre. It was preceded by a special gala performance of the show. Robert and Olivia run the company which owns the stage and costume designs for Phantom.
3 October 2005

Dada Exhibition Opening, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Robert and Olivia attended the reception and opening of the Dada Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, in their capacity as President and Vice President of the Prodan Romanian Cultural Foundation. The Foundation has a Dada Project, whose aim is to call attention to the Romanian origins of the Dada movement in Bucharest prior to its spread to Zurich in 1916. Dada was subsequently launched in Paris by the Romanian poet Tristan Tzara in association with Andre Breton, and the Surrealist Movement later arose from that, in which numerous other Romanians such as Victor Brauner, Jacques Herold, Gherasim Luca, Gregoire Michonze, Matthias Teutsch, Arthur Segal, Marcel Janco and his brothers, and various others were involved, some of them from the earliest Dada days, and others who were younger becoming associated much later.
16 November 2005

Exploring the Later Art of the Fugue

Robert gave a talk in the Bechstein Room of Wigmore Hall, London, at 6:45 PM on the subject 'Exploring the Later Art of the Fugue'. This was followed by a piano recital by Stefano Greco at 7:30 PM in the Wigmore Hall on the theme 'The Later Art of the Fugue', a programme mutually designed by Greco and Temple, as part of their Later Fugue Project, surveying the fate of the fugue after Bach and Handel. The recital included two world premieres including a previously unknown fugue by Dinu Lipatti which was discovered in manuscript as part of the Project. There were several 'first British performances' of largely unknown fugues by famous composers, culminating in a spectacular one by Rachmaninoff.

Stefano Greco with Robert

1 November 2005

The Genius of China

Publication of latest reprint of Robert's book THE GENIUS OF CHINA by new publishers, Andre Deutsch/Carlton Books, London.
25 January 2005

Robert's 60th Birthday Party

Robert held a party on January 25th to celebrate his 60th birthday. Friends included Uri Geller and Michael Baigent. The following is an extract from Uri's newspaper column describing the event:

My head is buzzing with talk of pyramids, submerged cities and lost artefacts, after... mind-blowing parties with some of the foremost parascience writers and archaeological adventurers. Robert Temple, a real-life Indiana Jones, threw a 60th birthday party, and introduced me to Michael Baigent.
Michael has stunned the world twice with extraordinary discoveries about the Holy Grail and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

He summed up the barrage of controversy he generates with a simple statement, one I've believed all my life - "There's nothing too weird to be true!"

Article originally printed in The Weekly News, February 5, 2005


Robert with Uri Geller

Robert with Michael Baigent

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